Neighborhood comfort food

In BF Homes Parañaque, where I’ve been living for more than 20 years, delicious comfort food can be literally right outside your doorstep.

Residents have described BF Homes Parañaque as a laid-back community, and rightly so – you don’t have to drive far out or dress up to enjoy a good meal. Here are six restaurants to try when you’re in the area.

  • While not bad at all, I don’t go to Charbroiled Burgers (two branches along Aguirre Avenue) for the burgers – I go there for the killer tacos – two cone-shaped tortillas filled with beef, tomatoes, onions, cabbage and topped with grated cheese. These are served on a rack, to keep them upright. They’re juicy, messy and delicious.
  • I never thought that BF had a Japanese contingent, but they come out in full force at Omatsuri (Aguirre Avenue), drinking sake amid boisterous conversation. We trooped in for one of their specials – all you can eat Japanese rice, kimchi, soup and paper-thin slices of prime US beef (marbled with fat, no less), cooked at the grill on your table for Php 550. I haven’t tried any of the sushi/sashimi options, but if it’s good enough for them, it certainly is good enough for me.
  • Biting into slices of white cheese or anchovy and garlic pizza at Brooklyn Pizza (President’s Avenue, right next to Tahanan Village) have brought me gooey cheesy bliss. Me and two other friends have demolished a box in one sitting. Oh, they now serve buffalo wings (why are they called buffalo wings?) and pasta, too.
  • Residents can’t get enough of SEX – erm, that’s Sinangag Express, the highly popular tapsilugan joint (you can wipe that silly grin off your face now) with two outlets in the area – the original one along President’s Avenue and another one along Aguirre Avenue, a few meters away from the PCJ parish. The tapsilog (of course) is highly recommended, while some friends swear by the pares (sweet, saucy beef paired with fried rice and soup). Perfect before driving home from a night out, after a tough school project or when you’re just plain hungry.
  • I have completely forgotten what life in BF was before Conti’s (President’s Avenue). It’s the neighborhood go-to place for Sunday lunches and other special occasions. The baked Norwegian salmon is a must-try, as is the seafood pesto linguini. Cap the meal with a slice of turtle pie or the famous Mango Bravo, a towering confection of whipped cream, mangoes, chocolate, chocolate syrup and torte pastry (and it’s not overly sweet).  Families are known to order their entire noche buena from Conti’s, so prepare for long cues come Christmas.
  • Spanish restaurant Amalia’s (Aguirre Avenue) has succulent oysters topped with creamy hollandaise sauce, served on a bed of salt, with a slice of lemon on the side. Now if that’s not comfort food, I don’t know what is.

5 thoughts on “Neighborhood comfort food

  1. IAGO’S GRILL gusto ko sa ngayun sa BF Homes Paranaque. Pinoy food pa din at minsan pag weekends may band sa 2nd flr dun ko na catch sina DAvey Langit at Sabrina. Minsan ni swete ako lumusot sa guard ng BF maski wala sticker auto ko haha!

  2. Its along Aguirre Ave. right across Miracle Spa and Dolor’s Kakanin, very near Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen. our address is 205 aguirre ave.

    thanks! looking forward to your visit. 🙂

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