Love at first bite

I don’t know how Mico, co-owner of Twenty One Plates, stumbled upon this blog, but I’m so happy he did.

One comment led to another, and we found ourselves at this cozy restaurant for dinner a few days later.

Twenty One Plates serves twenty one well-thought out meals lovingly prepared by Mico’s wife, Tinette. The menu, which can change up to three times a year, is a merry mix of Asian, Mediterranean and Continental dishes, so there’s something for every craving.

The restaurant has three separate dining areas, which can seat 6, 10, and 12 guests respectively – a nice touch particularly when you’re with a group of close friends or family. We passed by the kitchen on our way in. Nothing commercial or industrial about it – it looked liked a kitchen of a family who loves to cook and is very good at it, too.

We chose the Kimchi Rolls for our starters.

Bulgogi beef and rice wrapped in spicy kimchi. Delicious. So filling you could eat the rolls on their own. We then tried the simple and straightforward feta cheese fried in extra virgin olive oil.

For our mains, we ordered the sweet Korean Beef Stew, with meat so tender it slid off the bone. Perfect with the Kimchi Rolls.

We also had the Healthy Chicken Cordon Bleu, two skinless chicken breasts filled with smoked deli ham and melted Swiss cheese, on lightly buttered fettucini.

Puwedeng puwede.

We’re reserving the other bestsellers – Bo’s Kaldereta (the beef is simmered slowly in coconut milk – that I have to taste) and Pork Souvlaki (grilled pork marinated in lemon and oregano served with pita bread and vegetables), for future visits. Twenty One Plates is also launching their Wine Buffet Weekends, which hopefully will become a regular event.

As we were about to leave, Tinette treated us to a slice of Anastacia’s Frozen Brazo, which I failed to take a photo of, given that we finished it in record time. The menu guarantees you’ll never look at Brazo the same way again. We definitely agree.

Twenty One Plates is at 205 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque. Open for lunch and dinner. For reservations, call 825 7348. Check out their Facebook page – just type in Twenty One Plates.


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