A Ferry Tale

If you want to see Manila from a different perspective, hop on a ferry and cruise along the Pasig River. Me and my friend Gina did it one Saturday and were pleasantly surprised to realize that we enjoyed ourselves.

We met at the MRT’s Guadalupe station and went down to the ferry terminal nearby. We planned to get off at the Escolta Station (the trip takes approximately an hour) and proceed to explore Binondo.

I tried to imagine how it looked like during Rizal’s time. It must have been a grand river, passing through some of Manila‘s key districts. Now it’s lined on both sides with residential communities and industrial concerns.

Oh, we passed by Malacanang Palace, but pictures weren’t allowed, said the personnel.

Gina is reminded of Thailand’s Chao Phraya and Austria’s Danube.  If it will take a while for Pasig River to be rehabilitated as envisioned (Will it ever be crystal clear again? The factories around it do not make me feel hopeful) , I hope it becomes a major waterway, ferrying commuters to work and in effect decongesting the roads. That would be nice.

The trip from Guadalupe to Escolta costs Php45, one way. The ferry plies the Pasig-Intramuros route daily, except Sundays. For trip schedules from Guadalupe, call 882-5734.


2 thoughts on “A Ferry Tale

  1. Whatta great blogsite deskee! i love the sepia touch of your photos. the trip was really worth the try what with great great company 🙂 I felt like gallivanting back to my old and golden Filipino roots. Ayokong maging dayuhan sa sarili kong bayan woohoooo!!

  2. Thanks Mare! *Apir* While traveling around the world is fantastic, there’s so much to discover dito pa lang 🙂

    Will write about our Teahouse experience soon 🙂

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