Alone, but not lonely

I’ve posted this on my Facebook account, and it’s spreading like wildfire on the web. And with over one million views on YouTube, the video certainly strikes a chord with people across the globe – myself included.

I’m constantly surrounded by fantastic friends and family, and I’m still looking forward to the day that I’ll be sharing my life with someone who’s just as passionate about living it as I am. But I’ve never dreaded the thought of being alone, nor have I considered it as a dire, uncomfortable situation. I don’t find the silences deafening, and I revel in the company I keep – for various reasons:

  • I  get to assess how far I’ve gone and review my dreams and goals and confirm if these are still aligned with how I see myself  in the future – an exercise best done solo.
  • I can explore roads I never would have considered venturing into because I’m concerned of what a companion might think. And in the process of venturing off-the-beaten-track, I discover  skills I didn’t know I was capable of – breaking language barriers, getting lost, asking for directions and finding my way again.
  • I can take a breather and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like reading a book – a private, contemplative dialogue  between myself and the author.
  • I can strike up a conversation with strangers I never would have approached had I been with other friends. New worlds and various personal journeys are thus opened to me – and my memories have been made richer and more colorful by each encounter.

So you might find yourself going to the movies alone, or reserving a table for one. Consider these as quality “me-time,” which can just be as fulfilling as any adventure you could ever have.


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