That Thai restaurant on the corner

Sen Lek Thai Noodle is our go-to place when we’re too lazy to cook dinner or when we need a quick Pad Thai fix.

Aside from a pretty good version of Pad Thai (Php80), Sen Lek serves four other noodle dishes: Wanton Thai Noodle (Php60), Meatball Thai Noodle (Php70) Beef Thai Noodle (Php70) and Mix Thai Noodle (Php80). These have a sweet-spicy broth that tickles the tastebuds and is oddly refreshing. Dumplings and siopao are also available. They’ve recently introduced Thai Bagoong Rice and Thai Iced Tea, but stocks run out quickly – I’ve been craving for Thai Iced Tea for the longest time and I always end up luhaan.

The cozy corner restaurant fills up during dinner, so service can get pretty slow at peak hours, with just one cook and one server on hand. But patience is a virtue, and you’ll be back to your virtuous self after a filling, Thai inspired meal.

Sen Lek Thai Noodle is at El Grande corner Tropical Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from lunch until dinner.


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