Coastal Cleanup, 2010

I joined the 25th International Coastal Cleanup at Aquaventure Resort in Anilao, Batangas over the weekend, organized by MAKDiver and Adventure One Scuba. I had a fantastic time. I got to dive and do my microscopic share of cleaning the ocean, how cool was that?

And with the toxic schedule I’ve had these days, I actually did myself a huge favor by being there.

First stop was at Kaban Cove, where we picked up a lot of plastic, mostly shampoo sachets and snack wrappers. Odd finds included wallets (with no cash), a lot of shoes and a c-cup bra (“definitely not from a Filipina,” a diver astutely observed). The things we dump into the ocean these days.

We then went to Koala, the dive site  fronting an old house where a couple with a pet Koala used to live, or so the legend goes. Not much refuse was found – but some corals, sadly, were beginning to show the effects of bleaching.

Activities like this remind me just how beautiful and precious our marine resources are.

The day ended with a rousing after party, with a lot of prizes, games and a band to boot. Ang saya. I hope to be there again next year.


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