Can I keep you Manolito Gafotas?

I hurried from work last Saturday to catch the 2pm screening of Manolito Gafotas at Greenbelt 3, which is part of the 9th Spanish Film Festival.

Based on a popular children’s book, Manolito Gafotas (David Sanchez del Rey) is a bumbling but endearing young boy whose only wish is to leave his apartment block in Carabanchel  and spend the summer holidays by the beach. When his usually absent truck driver father invites Manolito to join him on the road, he jumps at the chance. Chaos follows however, when a dizzy Manolito hops on the wrong truck!

It’s impossible not to like Manolito, who’s irresistibly cute and charming. And like any boy his age, he’s very mischievous.

I wanted to hug him when he started crying because he failed his Math subject. Awww. I was just like that when I got a 5 in my Math 100 and  barely made it to my Economics 101, but unfortunately not as cute.

The script was well written and very witty. Some people are put off by reading subtitles; please don’t be. Look beyond the foreign language and the fancy accent to see a heart-warming story that appeals to, and is about, ordinary people like you and me. Yes local directors, there is a market for movies like this! It sure beats major 3D productions and love song inspired romantic comedies by a mile.


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