Beethoven, 18th Century Rockstar

People I know do cool and interesting things 🙂 Last Friday, my friends, whom I shall hide behind the pseudonyms Ayn and Herrick (haha), invited me to the concert of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the CCP, where Herrick plays the cello. PPO and Bulgarian pianist Georgi Slavchev played The Emperor, Beethoven’s final and best-loved piano concerto.

PPO also performed Bartok’s Two Pictures and Haydn’s 104th Symphony.

I’m no classical music expert – it was my first time to listen to classical music for two hours straight –  but I guess it doesn’t take a fan to appreciate PPO’s performance. Wow. The way that the instruments blended together to create sweeping melodies was beautiful.

If there was an 18th century rockstar, maybe Beethoven was it.

I’m amazed that such a musical genre is alive and well in Manila, in the time of Lito Camo, revivals and K-Pop. I’m equally amazed at how a few guests, dressed to the nines, promptly dozed off during the first half of the concert, haha 🙂

PPO has concerts once a month up until April 2011. Who knows, you might find yourself LSSing to Vivaldi instead of Boom-Tarat-Tarat.


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