Perk Avenue

Dala-dalawa ang Starbucks sa BF at lagi silang puno. Di pa ba nagp-palpitate ang puso niyo, homeowners?  🙂

We wanted to go somewhere quiet, away from the mad rush of coffee drinkers and group studies. Jigs suggested Perk Avenue, which was along President’s Avenue, just after Tahanan Village and Brooklyn Pizza if you’re coming via the old McDonald’s entrance.

It was peaceful and quiet indeed, with just a few barkadas hanging out. I don’t know if that’s a good thing though; does that mean the cash register’s not busy?

There were  a lot of magazines and free, bottomless wi-fi. Puwede.

They offer the usual repertoire of coffee drinks and light snacks. The Hazelnut drink I tried was too sweet for my liking. Friends who have been there previously were not really impressed with the selection. So just make the most of the wi-fi and order something fail-safe (um, Coke?).

The interiors however, were quite interesting.

Those lovely orange chairs were just begging to be sat on.

And the lighting’s just right.

Perk Avenue is open daily until 12 midnight. Call 823-8877 for more details.


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