Saving up for a trip

I’m secret-ing/goaling/dreaming to go somewhere next year and the expenses of this trip are no joke.  Bumubuhaghag ang buhok ko just thinking about it. I’m pulling out all the strategies I could think of to save up for this adventure. And here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

·         Getting rid of fancy coffee and dining from my system, at least for the next eight months. What’s wrong with 3-in-1s anyway?

·         Currently filling up a coin bank with 10-peso and 5-peso coins. It’s surprising how these add up at the end of the day.

·         Allocating a certain percentage of my salary to this goal. Every. Freaking. Payday. Consistency I think, is the key.

·         Booking ahead. I reckon I’ll save on the plane fare if I make reservations as early as now.

·         Taking on a sideline. I have yet to explore opportunities on this.

·         Cutting down the goal into manageable, bite sized pieces. I’m planning to go 9-10 months from now, so I’m setting a mini-goal to achieve each month (i.e., “This month I’ll put away Pxx” and so on).

I think the strategies are applicable to every (material) goal we wish to achieve, be it a car, a house, a gadget or a much needed vacation. Wish me luck – I hope I could stick to the plan and get there. Here we go!


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