My Adventure Wish List

1. Ride a bike around Luang Prabang and take pictures until I can’t stand it anymore.

2. See the big pelagics in Tubbataha, and more.

3.Watch a World Cup game in a host country.

4. Party like nobody’s watching at the Carnival in Rio.

5. Hammerheads in Galapagos.

6. Travel solo.

7. Gaudi in Barcelona.

8. Full Moon Festival in Thailand.

9. To walk along Prague’s cobblestone streets.

10. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. And the Red Light District, of course.

11. Sushi in Japan.

12. Thresher Sharks in Malapascua.

13. Hike up Machu Picchu, Peru.

14. Dance Salsa in Cuba.

15. Petra in Jordan.

16. Oktoberfest in Munich.

17. Walk around and take pictures in Kathmandu until I can’t stand it anymore.

18. Watch a play in Broadway, or in West End. Or in both.

19. Jam to Reggae music in Jamaica.

20. Shout “JAI HO” from the top of my lungs at: Rajasthan, Amritsar, and Taj Mahal.


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