Budget Eats: Hainanese Chicken Rice at Wee Nam Kee

Highly organized, pedestrian-friendly and cosmopolitan, one couldn’t help but compare Makati CBD to Singapore.

And with the arrival of Hainanese Chicken Rice to Makati courtesy of Wee Nam Kee, a popular food joint in Singapore, people might actually think they are in a different city.

Hainanese Chicken is a staple dish in Singaporean cuisine. To prepare Hainanese Chicken, the fowl is boiled in a pork or chicken bone stock over and over until it becomes tender and the natural oils come out. Wee Nam Kee’s version is moist and flavorful, served with cucumber slices, wansuy (I love wansuy) and Hainanese rice. The rice is also cooked using chicken stock, so it’s tastier as well. Judging by the long lines outside the restaurant, diners are developing a craving for it.

You could go for the roasted version.

Minced ginger, chili, and thick soy sauce are on the table to add zest to your meal. I washed it all down with Barley Juice, which reminded me of sago’t gulaman, for some reason.

The personal set (chicken+rice+chicken soup) sets you back Php168, in true street food hawker fashion.

Wee Nam Kee is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City. Tel. No. 846-8924.


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