Aurora: Around and Beyond Baler

So you’re not into surfing. Is Aurora still worth a visit?

If you like nature, bodies of water, fantastic coastlines, long drives and a change of pace, why yes, of course.

First, enjoy the view from Ermita Hill, where families sought refuge from a tidal wave that hit the area in 1735.

You just have to like a place which has a barangay called Reserva – where authorities planned to relocate Baler just in case another calamity came along and did irreversible damage.

We then drove down to Baler Fish Port for a few pictures.

Try scheduling a trip at dusk, as it’s more picturesque at that time.

We then drove down to the Aniao islets, two imposing islets that seem to beckon you to climb them, or do a cliff dive straight into the ocean. After watching Mar Adentro, however, I don’t think that’s such an exciting prospect any longer.

Then we were off to Balete Park in the town of Maria Aurora. The 600-year old balete tree is said to be the biggest in Asia.

The tree is hollow inside, so you could go in and marvel at the centuries-old roots. Just be aware that there are lizards in residence – not a welcome surprise for a non-reptilian fan like me.

We ended the day at the NIA Dam in San Luis. Swim, have a picnic and watch the sun go down.


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