Have you been to the Met lately?

Just in case you feel saddened by the prospect of spending yet another Saturday at  mall, may I suggest that you drop by the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, located at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas complex. I think it’s a nice excursion, and an affordable one too, at P100 per person.

It’s not exactly a ground-breaking place, but it’s nice to see beautiful art pieces (local and otherwise) made accessible to the public.

Apart from selected works of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, on display right now are large scale works from the Museum’s contemporary art collection.

At the Architect-Artist Exhibit, selected works from artists who are also architects by profession, such as Miguel Zaragoza, Andres Luna de San Pedro, Juan Arellano, Victorio Edades, Agustin Goy, Roberto Chabet, Onib Olmedo and Claude Tayag. As the exhibit explains, architecture is a tangible application of art — aren’t structures practical exercises in symmetry, proportion, color and contrast?

Then there’s the Avant-Garde and Architecture of Consciousness, a special exhibit of famous Russian Avant-Garde artists. According to Sergey Zhemaitis who conceptualized the exhibit, Avant-garde artists foresaw future scientific discoveries and communication technologies such as the relativity theory, television, the Internet and mobile communications, and these they tried to mirror and reveal through their artworks.

Take for instance the idea that any image, when broken down and simplified, is comprised of basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. When you think about it , it’s the same concept behind digital imagery, where images are made up of millions of square pixels. Pretty neat no?

Photos from the Metropolitan Museum of Manila website. The Met is open Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 6PM. The Gold and Pottery galleries are open only until 4:30PM from Monday to Friday. Cameras are prohibited.


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