Misamis Occidental: Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park

It was like having a deja vu.

The pine trees and the light mist reminded me of Baguio.



The cafe with a balcony was reminiscent of the ones in Tagaytay.


I marveled at the panoramic view and Puerto Galera’s coast came to mind.


I haven’t been here before, though. I was in Tangub, Misamis Occidental in Northern Mindanao, and that I was actually gazing at Ozamis City below. And right across Panguil Bay was the mysterious and always news-worthy Lanao Del Norte.

I was at the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park, to be exact, which was all at once familiar and very new to me.

Best views

Located 850 meters above sea level and established in 2010, Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park is a perfect for a quick weekend getaway. A pretty garden dotted with centuries-old rocks welcomes visitors, who at once troop to the viewing deck to relax and just take in the still green and lush landscape.


Nestled on top of the hill is a quaint stone chapel, which was said to be built by hand by Congressman Leo Ocampos.


And a zipline too

For the more adventurous, the park has a zipline (P600 per person, inclusive of a souvenir photo) which is claimed to be the longest in Asia. The first line is 1,500 meters in length, while the second line spans 1,200 meters.

That would be from the mountain on the left, to the mountain on the right, and back.


At 500 meters above the ground, it is also said to be the highest.

One has the option of riding a 4×4 or a horse on your way back. We opted for the latter, which apart from being more energy efficient (haha) is always a treat for me. The route going up was nice as well.

Segue: as per the guide, a horse costs P6,000 at the local market. Interesting.

For guests staying a bit longer, the park has a hotel, which has a feel of a private villa. Room rates, as of this writing, start at P2,200. Function areas are also available, in the event of a reason to celebrate.


But one need not think long and hard of a reason to visit the park. Should you find yourself in Misamis Occidental, just go.

The park is open daily from 8AM to 8PM. Admission fee is P30 per person. The park is 45 minutes away from Ozamis Airport.

All photos are courtesy of their Facebook page. Visit their Facebook page, email hoyohoy.adventure@gmail.com or call 0917-3267878 for more information.


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