PETA Presents Eugene Domingo as Bona


I have not watched the Lino Brocka film starring Nora Aunor, and I’m a Eugene Domingo fan, so this would be an interesting combination.

The PETA website describes it as thus:

Spinster call center agent Bona upon seeing the televised pitiful background of Gino Sanchez immediately becomes a fan of the Star of Tomorrow wannabe. In her desire to help him jumpstart his showbiz career, she gives him everything she has and turns her back to everything she values. Blinded by her belief in him, she allows all his faults to freely slide as she finds herself drowning in the surreal quicksand of worship and pity where manipulation blurs the line between prey and predator, the dismissive god and the faithful worshiper.

Written for theater by Lalie Bucoy, Bona is directed by Soxie Topacio, with music by Teresa Barroso. Props to local talent and local theater!

Bona opens on August 24. Click here for show schedules and where to get tickets.


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