Drum Tao Live in Manila

When I closed my eyes and focused on the music, it felt like I stepped into an Kurosawa samurai movie, or an anime action sequence.

Or it was as if I woke up from a long night’s bloody battle and emerged victorious, ready to face a brighter tomorrow. Ah basta, you get the picture.

I was in fact listening to Japanese percussionists rhythmically pounding massive taiko drums live, accompanied by soothing flute music, rocking shamisen beats, amazing choreography, martial arts moves, a dash of comedy and infectious, energizer bunny-esque frenzy.

The musicians effortlessly pranced and jumped onstage, carrying the instruments as if they were the lightest things on earth.

This was Drum Tao, a musical ensemble that has amazed millions of spectators in 17 countries and 500 cities since the group began performing in 1993.  The show pleasantly reminded me of Stomp, and both are equally amazing. It was the group’s first time in Manila, and props to the organizers who went out of their way to bring them here.  Drum Tao is a mesmerizing combination of traditional Japanese music and modern performance art, making it appealing to audiences worldwide.

Drum Tao has four more shows at Resorts World Manila until Sunday, July 22, before they head off to Waterfront Cebu for a show on September 1. Catch it if you can, it’s one of those shows worth the ticket price.

Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets.


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