The Green Fins Guide to Eco Diving and Snorkeling

Just like any good guest, wouldn’t it be great if we left the places we visited just as we saw it – or even a bit cleaner?

Enter Green Fins, a comprehensive program that encourages dive centers and snorkel operators to work together to reduce their environmental impact on coral reefs by adopting the Green Fins Code of Conduct.

In the Philippines, the materials below are now seen in key diving/snorkeling destinations such as Puerto Galera, Anilao, Mactan, Moalboal, El Nido  and Malapascua. These have also been translated into Chinese and Korean.

Green Fins 1

Green Fins 2

Indeed, tourist-y things we do,  like buying marine life as souvenirs, or feeding fish, disturb the natural the  balance of things. So this Code of Conduct would be great to keep in mind and share away.

For more information, visit the Green Fins website.


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